This scene basically defines the Save Season Six campaign for Teen Titans. The fans (Beast Boy) is trying so hard to get Raven’s (CN/WB) attention. However, Raven insists that she wants nothing to do with Beast Boy and that she does not like or appreciate Beast Boy at all. But Raven eventually sees how much Beast Boy is trying. He’s not giving up, after all the times she makes clear that she and Beast Boy will never be together, he’s still there with that big goofy smile and is determined to win her affection. Once Raven sees that Beast Boy really does want her and that he really is trying to win her over, she looks back and remembers everything he’s done to show his love for her and realizes that he really does care for her. And she decides she wants to make it work out. For him.

And plus, BBRae IS a really cute ship <3